Sharing Young Girl Killed After First Kiss

Sharing Young Girl Killed After First Kiss

LONDON - A teenage girl collapsed and died of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) a few minutes after she was kissed for the first time. on Thursday (02/10/2011), citing an investigation into the case was reported, Jemma Benjamin (18 years) kissed by students, friends of Daniel Ross (21) in the young man's home after their night out together in April 2009. But Miss Benjamin suddenly fell to the couch and died in front of Ross.

The investigation said Jemma died of SADS, a rare heart condition that killed 500 people in Britain every year. Ross, who had known Benjamin for three months, trying hard to rescue the girl before paramedics arrived on the scene. But examination shows, no nothing can be done to save Benjamin.

Ross told police that he and Benjamin had been friends for three months - but it's for the first time they kissed. He said, "It's not sexual relations but we met several other times a week. We'll go to a bar to eat and go back to my house to take a credit card that I forgot to bring. We talked and eventually kissing in the hallway near the front door. We into the kitchen and living room and Jemma sit on the couch. "

Ross said, eyelids Benjamin "suddenly began to droop" and start foaming at the mouth before he collapsed at his home which is a student flat in Treforest, Pontypridd, South Wales. He said, "I called her mother to find out whether he suffered from epilepsy. He collapsed and lost consciousness."

The young man then called 999 and given a manual CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) by telephone by the Welsh Ambulance Service control operators but he could not save the girl.

Benjamin's father told the trial of the case is that he thinks his daughter and Ross "just friends". He said: "Jemma is very shy and timid."

Sharing Young Girl Killed After First Kiss

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