Sharing Scientists: Sex Is The Key to Evolve

Sharing Scientists: Sex Is The Key to Evolve

INDIANA - The worms contain through sexual reproduction seems to have that support the immune system to fight the deadly parasite. In contrast, worms are forced to reproduce asexually or having sex in self-governing and often succumbed to bacterial infection that made ​​him die.

"The worms live for sex, this proves the revolution because they allow to make changes in various ways organisms on the composition of their genes and are useful against parasites and bacteria that other danger," according to researchers at the Unversity of Indiana.

"Sex helps populations adapt together and continue to grow quickly to fight the parasite, which allows the parent to produce offspring that are resistant to infection and eventually will avoid extinction," said lead scientist Levi Morran, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Indiana in the United States .

Evolutionary biologists noted that the idea of ​​sex between the two organisms have long been problematic, as it often involves the production of men who do not directly produce any offspring.

Theoretically, self-fertilization may seem meaningless and far more efficiently in the reproduction process, but as the study mentioned above illustrates, cross-fertilization of the sexual may help keep the species as an evolutionary step before the attacks of parasites and extinction.

Sharing Scientists: Sex Is The Key to Evolve

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